Hearts stitch journal, 24 March 2018

Another terribly dark day – very reminiscent of the worst of the January weather, although rather warmer. We are due torrential rain for the next two days. Our first few honesty flowers have appeared in the courtyard, just in ones and twos per plant so far. Honesty is a biennial plant and this year is its ‘off’ year when we won’t get so many flowers, but I still expect them to fill the garden with magenta blooms as soon as the sun returns. Today’s threads are grey DMC cotton à broder no 16, green DMC cotton à border no 20 and magenta Anchor 8-strand embroidery thread used in two strands. The stitches are Hungarian braided chain stitch for the outline, fishbone stitch for the leaf, outlined in back stitch; stem stitch for the stems and satin stitch for the petals.

I can see, in a fault in the outline, the exact moment when I heard of the death of gendarme Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame, who died to save the lives of others.

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