Hearts stitch journal 27 March 2018

Heavy, steady rain today and very dark – we have every light on in the house. I squelched down the lane, rain streaming off my peaked hood, dodging the puddles that had widened again overnight, especially in the driveway, where two ‘sources’ come up under the tarmac and flood our two-track road. Back at the house, I noticed the new ivy creeping up the front wall, which must be trimmed back soon. It is a regular job, requiring a sharp knife and stout gloves and I try to trim the ivy off one thing each day in spring. Today’s threads are hand-dyed grey cotton string and no2 coton à broder, green coton à broder no16 and variegated grey-brown cobweb knitting yarn, stretched out and couched down. The stitches are double-whipped detached chain for the outline and feather chain for the leaves.

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