Hearts stitch journal, 29 March 2019

Sunshine! On opening the curtains, we had streaky pink and purple clouds and I walked down the lane in a frosty golden light. It’s closed in again now and is grey and drizzly once more, but it was nice to see the sun for a few minutes. A woodpecker was hammering away at the giant chestnut tree by the gate, the whole woodland resounding with the blows. The pink primroses are now in flower in our lane. There is only one clump of these lovely creatures among the usual pale yellow, which arise as a natural sport from which, I suppose, all our brightly coloured garden polyanthus have since been bred. Today’s threads are purple cotton perlé from a vintage stash I bought online; pink variegated rayon six-strand thread, used in three strands; pale orange, yellow and variegated pink Anchor six-strand thread used in one and two strands; and white Turkish superfine crochet thread. The stitches are Pekinese stitch for the heart, long and short stitch for the petals and French knots for the eye.

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