Hearts stitch journal, 30 March 2018

Unbelievably ghastly weather. Torrential rain, extremely dark – almost like night – and quite a wind too. I trudged rather than walked down the lane, head down to keep the raindrops directed down my coat and away from my face. Torrents of water were sheeting down the driveway into the courtyard and the lane was quite flooded, the heavy rain whipping up the puddles into pools of brown silt. In the pheasant coops, the sheep were crowded into their shelter, sitting down for once, but quite happy with their hay bale. Today, I can only really commemorate the rain, so here is my attempt at the concentric circles of raindrops in puddles. The threads are both modern, from a batch I bought from India – a dark grey and silver metallic rayon and a brown rayon. The stitches are knotted chain for the outline and backstitch for the ‘rain’.

So that is the main panel for March completed – 31 March will be done on a separate piece of fabric for easier mounting. I make that 24 rainy days out of 30, which is a bit crazy even for Normandy! Looks like the dog – and my floors – are due another wash today.

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