Hearts stitch journal, 31 March 2018

Feeling a bit blurgh this morning, owing to a bad night and a power cut, which left us oversleeping this morning. A weak sun was attempting to break through the clouds as I walked down the lane into the mist, but by the time I returned to the house, the fog was thick. It’s burned off now and we have a lovely day. The hawfinches were everywhere this morning in the cherry trees and searching on the ground like little parrots. I wish I knew what was attracting them, so we could do more of it. Today’s threads are soft grey, orange, rust, cream, buff and brown six-strand cottons, used in two and one strands; grey and cream cotons à broder and black rayon floss. The stitches are double whipped running stitch for the heart, long-and-short stitch for the bird and a French knot for the eye. And that is March completed!

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