April 2018 roundup

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There are 30 days in April, so it makes a nice 6 x 5 panel. The month started and finished with dull grey skies but we had some nice sunrises in between and even a brief heatwave. What the month was really notable for, though, was the proliferation of wildflowers and tree blossoms, which were incredibly welcome after such a long and dreary winter.

There is a lot of colour in this panel, and hopefully more to come in May, and I was quite pleased with a few of the panels, including the herb robert and the dandelion, the plantains and the willow catkins. Others, such as the pear blossom and cherry blossom just didn’t come off.

The April fabric was a dress-weight linen that was light and easy to handle, but I think it was a bit too dark – it was quite hard to get stitches to stand out on it, and it also made a colour-cast on the threads, making white threads look blue, for instance (to get white, I learned to sew with cream thread).

I’ve already prepped the fabric for next month – a pale eau-de-nil linen dress fabric and I’m going to try something new, which is using fusible interfacing on the back. I sewed the April panel through paper – firstly kitchen roll, which was quite sturdy and tough and later through Kleenex paper tissues, which turned out to have just the right amount of resistance and were easier to tear off at the end. But it is a bit fiddly to clip the paper into the hoop and the stitches get buried under it at the back, so it’s quite hard to pull them back out if you make a mistake.

Let’s see how we get on with interfacing.


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