Hearts stitch journal, 01 April 2018, Easter Day

A cool, grey start to the day, though not as gloomy as it has been lately. Out beyond the shade of the woodland, our neighbour’s field is beginning to pop with marsh buttercups, which stand proud above the still-short grass. Today’s threads are pale grey coton à broder, cream coton à broder dyed with turmeric (a pretty bang-on colour match!), yellow rayon embroidery thread and pale green cotton embroidery thread.

Just to show a friend that I had been practising, I thought I’d go for a bit of needlelace, so the stitches are knotted chain for the outline, detached buttonhole outlined with stem stitch for the petals and pistil stitch and French knots for the stamens.

April will be sewn on this pale blue fabric, which is left over from a bias-cut dress I made many years ago. Like the yellow fabric, it has to be backed with paper to stabilise it. I was originally going to use it in March but my DH dissuaded me, saying: “Think about all the blue skies we get in March….” and of course it’s rained almost every day. I could really have cocked up here, using blue in April!

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