Hearts stitch journal, 03 April 2018

A dark, wet day. The rain, as I walked down the lane with the dog, changed from light to heavy to near-torrential and back again in the space of some 15 minutes. It’s a little cold, too, so we have lit the fire first thing. The banks are now studded with flowers, closed up tight against the rain: a single ray of sunshine and it would look like an Elizabethan tapestry. By the pheasant coops, the broom has come into flower, all the flowers being on the west side where our hill catches the sunset before it disappears behind the trees opposite. Today’s threads are DMC coton à broder in weights of 16 and 20. The stitches are heavy chain for the outline, coral stitch for the stems and detached chain for the flowers. I enjoyed working this little piece, due to the repeated rhythm of small stitches.

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