Hearts stitch journal, 04 April 2018

Tremendous winds and rain overnight and we awoke to a dark and blustery day, with a silver sun intermittently streaking through banks of dark cloud. For the past couple of days, the first thing I’ve seen each morning is a starling, perched on the oak tree at the back of the house, which is now tall enough to reach our bedroom window. Their winter plumage is covered in white spots and they roost in great flocks in the laurel hedge down by the cabin, sometimes so numerous that they break the branches. Huge murmurations of them come flying in directly overhead before squabbling and fighting for a perch. Today’s threads are silver metallic rayon, Indian rayons in purple and dark green and vintage rayons in black, brown and yellow. The stitches are Palestrina stitch for the outline, long-and-short for the bird and a French knot for the eye, with which I took some licence, as starlings’ eyes are actually black.

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