Hearts stitch journal, 06 April 2018

A brief but welcome peachy-gold sunrise this morning. There was frost overnight, which is lying deep in the ditches and the tractor ruts but everything was glittering with dew on our morning walk. It’s due to be a lovely day, so let’s hope it warms up as promised. Yesterday’s sun brought out the violets on the west-facing slope of our lane, where the bank rises to a height of six feet and soon the whole bank will be studded with flowers. Today’s threads are pink and gold metallic Indian rayon, violet Cartier-Bresson Brilliant d’Algers, green DMC retors d’Alsace and no 40 white cotton embroidery thread. The stitches are double threaded detached chain for the heart, satin stitch for the petals, thorn stitch for the leaf, split stitch for the stems and French knots for the eye of the flower. Dainty little violets have an old-fashioned air and stitching this reminded my of my Aunty Gladys, who I’m fairly sure gave me some hankies embroidered with violets when I was a little girl. That’s the first row of April completed.

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