Hearts stitch journal, 07 April 2018

Return of the dullness – the rain is due later and for the next few days. But yesterday’s warmth still lingers and it was curiously warm and humid as we walked down the lane today. The recent sun has brought out the daisy-like stitchwort all over the ditches. It’s Latin name is Stellaria holostea and it does indeed look like stars speckling the hedgerow. Its thin, whippy leaves blend in with the blades of grass and the stems are fine and hairlike, supporting five petals so deeply toothed that they look like 10. Unlike daisies, it prefers long grass and its flowers are purest white, about 1cm across. Today’s threads are DMC grey perlé no 5, white perlé no 8, green retors d’Alsace no 12 and yellow 1920s rayon floss. The stitches are Pekinese stitch for the outline, fly stitch with infill for the petals, detached chain for the buds, closed herringbone for the leaves, split stitch for the stems and French knots for the stamens.

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