Hearts stitch journal 08 April 2018.

A very dark and foggy morning today – it felt more like November as we walked down the lane, but for the rather warmer temperatures. Nevertheless, it will be a fireside day today and very hygge. The first bird I saw this morning, although the hoopoe was in fine voice in the woodland, was a male house sparrow perched on the cherry tree by our steps, searching for insects. I was quite surprised on moving to the countryside to find house sparrows. Once very common in the UK – I remember flocks of them on our lawn in the 70s – they are now on the red list but hopefully they will do well in our organic garden. Today’s threads are dark grey coton à broder no 16, peach cotton no 35, and pearl grey Cartier-Bresson six-strand cotton embroidery thread used in two strands for the heart; dark brown Indian rayon, cream and pearl-grey Cartier-Bresson brilliante d’alger used in two strands, black Indian rayon, saffron Romanian embroidery thread and yellow 1920s rayon floss for the bird. The stitches are threaded whipped running stitch for the heart, long and short stitch for the bird and a French knot for the eye, with a bit of stem stitch for the legs and twig.

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