Hearts stitch journal, 10 April 2018

A dull and rain-soaked morning. The bottom of our steps is now a quagmire of mud after some monsoon-like episodes of rain. Not too cold but it’s hard to believe it’s really April. I wellied up and got out into the orchard this morning and was cheered by the sight of the primroses. The upper orchard is full of yellow primroses but in the lower orchard, there are only two clumps of flowers, one being the usual yellow and the other being this exotic-looking purple beast. Quite how such a lovely sport arose here I don’t know but there it is, nestling among the bamboo. Today’s threads are grey-dyed coton à broder no 1, dark green coton à broder no 16, bright green retors d’alsace no 12, magenta-purple Peri-lustre six-strand thread, sewn in three strands, and yellow coton à broder no 16. The stitches are double threaded detached chain for the heart, thorn stitch for the leaves, lazy daisy for the petals and French knots for the stamens.

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