Hearts stitch journal, 11 April 2018

What a difference a day makes. Sunlight streaming through the curtains, the sky orange and pink, the grass mint-green with the heavy dew. I walked the dog across the fields and back through the garden, rabbits scattering in every direction. In front of the lower barn, our magnolia stellata ‘Rosea’ bush is in full bloom with its beautiful, slightly drooping pink flowers on leafless twigs. There are actually 12 petals, but I’ve shown them with five for the sake of clarity. Today’s threads are peach 1920s rayon floss, grey-brown Peri-Lusta Convent Cotton no 35 and pink DMC perlé no 5. The stitches are split stitch for the heart, stem stitch for the twigs and eyelet for the petals.

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