Hearts stitch journal, 14 April 2018

A golden, foggy morning, with the fog burning off to a beautiful spring day. I just had to do our house hoopoe this morning, as he was the first thing I saw, perched on the oak tree outside the bedroom. They have no fear of humans, so he’s quite happy hanging around the place. I was also happy to take my time today and do long-and-short stitch, as I was running late anyway, having misplaced my glasses (still haven’t found them…). Today’s threads are pale gold rayon floss, orange sewing cotton no 40, pale orange six-strand embroidery thread, used in 1 and 2 strands, white cotton sewing thread no 4, white no 35 coton à broder, used in two strands, black vintage rayon floss, pale grey six-strand embroidery thread, used single strand, and brown rayon floss. The stitches are heavy chain for the heart, long-and-short stitch for the bird and a French knot for the eye, while the branch is done in split stitch.

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