Hearts stitch journal, 15 April 2018

Fog. And really quite dark. It feels like a November day, but for the birdsong, especially after several deluges yesterday. Luckily, the cherry blossoms look as good against a grey sky as a blue one. When we bought this house, there were 12 sweet cherry trees in the orchard. We allowed them to spread, though cherries don’t come true from seed, so all our self-sowers are wild cherry, and now there are about 100. They provide a tasty snack for the finches in spring and for the blackbirds and jays in autumn. Today’s threads are grey, brown and white cotton perlés no 5, a green/burgundy variegated Indian rayon and yellow rayon floss. The stitches are Pekin knot for the heart, thorn stitch outlined with Holbein stitch for the leaves, stem stitch for the stalks, concentric chain for the petals, and French knots and pistil stitch for the stamens. The twig is Holbein stitch with filler bars.

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