Hearts stitch journal, 16 April 2018

A silver-white dawn today, and quite crisp at 7 degrees, but the increasing greenery and the quality of the light definitely indicate spring. To make up for the sound of my neighbour’s machinery, laying a grit road to his new chicken sheds, I had a rare treat this morning in seeing two green woodpeckers, squabbling in the grass, before taking off with their low, swooping flight. They are shyer birds than the greater spotted woodpecker and don’t come to the feeder, though they sometimes come out onto the lawn to probe for insects. Today’s threads are pale grey rayon floss; red coton à broder no 16; green retors d’alsace no 12; lime green six-strand embroidery thread used in two strands; black six-strand embroidery thread, used in one strand; pearl grey brilliante d’alger used in two strands; and white brilliante d’alger used in one strand. The stitches are double-whipped running stitch for the outline, backstitch for the bird, straight stitch for the grass and beak and a French knot surrounded by detached chain for the eye. I must admit to being pleased with getting the white ring around the eye, working on such a small scale.

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