Hearts stitch journal 18 April 2018

A beautiful spring morning, with an orange sunrise pouring through the orchard and gilding the cherries, which are now in full bloom. Although we are still having cold starts, the daytime temperatures are climbing now. It was 22 degrees yesterday and we were able to spend a couple of hours in the cabin, in teeshirts. The heat has brought out all the flowers, including those on my amelanchier. This is a lovely shrub or small tree with silky white petals and bronze foliage, and tiny purple fruit in autumn that taste like bilberries. Today’s threads are variegated orange Indian rayon, used in three strands; burgundy and brown six-strand cottons, used in two and three strands; white cotton perlé no 8, cream convent cotton no 35 and green Indian rayon, used single strand. The stitches are threaded Palestrina knot for the heart, split backstitch for the stems, granitos stitch for the leaves, lazy daisy with infill for the petals; and eyelet and French knots for the stamens. That’s the third row of April completed.

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