Hearts stitch journal, 20 April 2018

Another beautiful day, though we had a terrible sleepless night due to our neighbour’s dogs barking and donkey braying, and hoot owls tuwhitting at one another and a screech owl making regular bombing runs across the newly-mown grass. The DH did the first cut of the year yesterday and in large sections of the orchard, where there is shade, the ground is carpeted with this humble flower – ground ivy. Many gardeners consider it a pernicious weed, but I find it beautiful, with its heart-shaped minty leaves and tubular lilac flowers, each with two little stamens that look like eyes. Under the cherry trees, it is so plentiful that the grass appears as if covered with lilac confetti. Today’s threads are peach 1920s rayon floss, pale gold Madeira Decora floss, lilac and pale lilac six-strand embroidery cottons used in one and two strands, white rayon floss and green retors d’Alsace no 12. The stitches are reverse scroll stitch for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, fly stitch with Holbein stitch for the leaves, satin stitch for the petals and French knots for the stamens.

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