Hearts stitch journal, 21 April 2018

A beautiful sunrise today, with shades of peach and pink and lemon. It was warm enough to walk down the lane in my pjs and a sunhat. The birdsong is deafening now and the fields are full of flowers. One of the most humble is the plantain – we have ribwort plantains here, with long, lanceolate leaves and great clouds of pollen are arising from them as you brush by. Though humble, plantains are a crucial food plant for many butterflies, including fritillaries and tiger moths, so they’re an important part of our ecosystem. Today’s threads are a rayon bouclé that I pulled from fabric bought many years ago (from which I made a coat), and green, brown and cream six-strand cottons, sewn in two strands. The stitches are chainstitch for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, fishbone stitch for the leaves, granitos stitch for the flower head and French knots for the stamens.

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