Hearts stitch journal, 23 April 2018

A dull start to the day as the temperatures drop back to normal. The pears in the orchard are in full bloom now and busy with bees. In this area the fruit are used to produce ‘appelation Domfrontais’ calvados, which uses around 30% pears to 70% apples, giving it a very different flavour. We don’t make calvados ourselves and no-one else wants the fruit, which is gritty and sour, so it falls and rots and fertilises the garden, filling the air with an amazing scent come autumn. Pear tree blossom is pure white compared with cherry blossom, but sadly smells rather unpleasant, and their pale green leaves are covered with tiny hairs that give them a halo in the sun. Today’s threads are grey crochet cotton, brown cotton perlé no 5, white cotton perlé no 8, green retors d’alsace no 12, brown cotton no 25, green cotton no 40 and white rayon machine embroidery thread. The stitches are whipped detached chain for the heart, stem stitch for the twig, long-and-short over fishbone for the leaves, granitos for the petals, and French knots and straight stitch for the stamens.

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