Hearts stitch journal 24 April 2018

A beautiful opalescent sunrise this morning, and a fresh spring day. Our purple bird cherry is in full flower now, with its burgundy-tinged leaves and racemes of pink flowers. We planted this tree in memory of my late mother in law. Today’s threads are multicoloured rayon bouclé, brown Peri-Lusta vintage six-strand cotton, burgundy Indian rayon sewn in one and two strands, green Indian rayon, sewn in two strands and variegated pink-lilac Anchor six-strand cotton, sewn in two strands. The stitches are Palestrina for the heart, cable stitch for the twig, straight stitch for the flower stems, satin stitch with backstitch for the leaves, and lazy daisy with French knots for the petals. And that’s the fourth row of April completed. 

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