Hearts stitch journal 28 April 2018

A cold, bright, grey start to the day and I needed my warm fleece parka and padded hat for our morning walk around the orchard. The herb robert has come into flower all over the garden now, its upreaching pink petals scattered with the magenta blossoms of the honesty now beginning to fall. Named for a French monk famous for his healing abilities, the leaves of this medicinal wild geranium have a strong smell which some find unpleasant but which to my mind smell like coriander. I love the starry little pink flowers and the way the deeply dissected leaves turn bright red when growing in poor soil. It’s also an important food plant for butterflies.

The threads are grey coton à broder no 16, and six-strand embroidery cottons (no 15) used in 1 and 2 strands, in the colours lilac, lavender, shell pink, red, burgundy and green. The stitches are double threaded detached chain for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, fly stitch for the leaves, detached chain for the calyx, buds and the stamens on the right-hand flower, long-and-short stitch for the petals, and a triple-wrapped French knot for the stamen on the left-hand flower.

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