Hearts stitch journal, 30 April 2018

Cold, grey and rainy, with temperatures more like winter. It rained most of yesterday and very heavily overnight and the lane was thick with puddles as I trudged down it, head down to avoid the raindrops. It’s very green, though and there are flowers everywhere now. The most recent to make an appearance is sorrel, which will shade the fields red in a few weeks. This is the wild variety rather than the garden salad plant, but it’s equally edible, very acid and cuts the fat in oily fish. The French use it in soup as well as for a sauce for mackerel or river fish, and I occasionally add the odd leaf to a salad for a bit of bite. The threads today are grey coton à broder no 20, green retors d’Alsace no 12 and red/green variegated Indian rayon. The stitches are whipped buttonhole for the heart, back stitch for the stems, fly stitch for the leaves and French knots for the flowers. And that is the panel for April completed.

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