Heart stitch journal, 15 May 2018

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A cold, sunny day this morning with an amazing dawn of turquoise with pink-coloured contrails. Today I thought I’d commemorate our meadow grasses, which will soon be cut for hay. I’m not a big expert on different grasses, though I can see that one is a bent and a couple of the others are annuals, maybe poa. Today’s threads are turquoise-variegated and pink-variegated cotton perlé no 5, and brown-variegated and green six-strand embroidery threads sewn in one or two strands. The stitches are magic chain for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, outline stitch for the blades of grass, and detached chain and straight stitch for the seed heads.

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    I just discovered your site and I find it intriguing . It has been such a long time (over 40 years ) since I did some embroidery. I was just around 22 years old working in a very difficult job and each evening I would sit and work on this very detailed chinese design. It was like therapy for me. It took almost a year to complete and I gave it to my parents as a gift . After my mothers death 10 years ago I recovered the embroidery and have it on my wall now. I have forgotten some of the stitches but now I feel like taking on a new project again. Thank you.


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