Hearts stitch journal, 02 May 2018

A pale, grey day with a cold, blustery wind. Nevertheless there is an embarrassment of riches to choose from with our blossom trees and bushes. I’ve gone with lilac, as I could smell them in the courtyard. We have four lilacs, but only one is in flower, as I cut the other three hard back and they won’t flower again for a year or two. This last is a wild lilac that we found growing on a bank in the plum thicket and it’s our sweetest-smelling variety. Today’s threads are white cotton crochet thread dyed grey with hibiscus, green retors d’alsace no 12, variegated lilac cotton perlé no 5, raspberry pink cotton perlé no 5, lavender cotton à broder no 16, lavender Indian rayon and raspberry ripple variegated six-stand embroidery cotton, sewn single strand. The stitches are knotted reverse chain for the heart, stem stitch for the twig, thorn stitch for the leaves and cross stitch for the petals.

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