Hearts stitch journal, 03 May 2018

A lovely morning – very fresh and cold, with frost lying in the ditches but warmth in the sun. All along the lane, red clover is coming into flower, wriggling its way upwards through the buttercups and Queen Anne’s Lace. Today’s threads are pale blue cotton perlé no 5, green Peri-Lusta six-strand embroidery cotton sewn in two strands, pale green Anchor six-strand, sewn in two strands; reddish-purple Indian rayon, sewn in five strands and lilac Indian rayon, sewn in a single strand. The stitches are knotted stem stitch for the heart, back stitch for the stem, fishbone stitch for the leaves and a stitch I don’t know the name of for the blossom (kind of like detached buttonhole).

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