Hearts stitch journal, 04 May 2018

A beautiful dawn today with streaks of pink and turquoise, and a lovely walk around the orchard with a very bouncy dog. In the bog garden section of our pond, the bogbean is in flower, a strange plant with hairy, white, pink-tinged flowers that rise from the water in a spire. I always welcome it as a sign that all is well in the pond. Today’s threads are turquoise Cartier-Bresson cotton perlé no 5, variegated pink Anchor cotton perlé no 5, vintage green Anchor six-strand cotton, sewn in two strands, green/white, pink/white and purple Indian rayon floss, brown machine embroidery rayon and yellow cotton no 25. The stitches are double threaded running stitch for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, detached chain with infill for the white petals, detached chain and straight stitch for the buds, French knots for the boss and pistil stitch for the stamens.

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