Hearts stitch journal, 06 May 2018

A peachy pink sunrise, and already warm as I walked down the lane, the heat bringing out the honeyed scent of millions of flowers. One area of our fruit walk is carpeted with heath speedwells, their lovely blue flowers turned upwards to the sun. Like many blue flowers, it is actually purple when you look at it closely and its heart-shaped, deeply toothed leaves nestle in the grass – in the mornings, before the flowers fully open, it’s easily mistaken for ground ivy. I’ve asked my DH to leave this area unmown today, if he can, to allow the flowers to set seed. I brought the flowers inside, to work from, but they proved impossible to photograph because as soon as they warmed up, they dropped from the stems. Today’s threads are pink and yellow rayon floss, green retors d’alsace no 12, reddish-purple six-strand cotton embroidery thread sewn in two strands, and lilac, blue and cream six-strand embroidery thread, sewn in one and two strands. The stitches are Pekinese stitch for the outline, stem stitch for the stem, fishbone with infill for the leaf, detached chain for the calyxes, long-and-short for the petals, granitos for the flower buds and a French knot for the eye of the flower. And that’s the first row of May completed.

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