Hearts stitch journal, 07 May 2018

Another beautiful sunny day with a pinky peach sunrise, and we took a long, warm walk around the newly-mown orchard this morning. It smells glorious. I was going to stitch my first roses today, but when walking by the pond, I almost trod on a frog, which hopped out of my way and into the long grass, so a (very stylised) frog it has to be. Frogs and toads love long grass, as they’re vulnerable to predators otherwise. Ours are probably just common frogs, but I didn’t get to look at this one very closely before he was gone. Today’s threads are pink and peach rayon floss, and black, green and brown six-strand embroidery cottons, sewn one strand each. The stitches are reverse chain for the heart, stem stitch and speckling for the frog, pistil stitch for the toes and 10-wrap French knots for the eyes. Their real eyes are quite copper-coloured, but would not be visible at this angle, so I’ve taken a bit of licence. I also had a false start with this, as I just couldn’t copy my paper sketch onto the fabric for some reason – it kept coming out looking like a badger! You can still see the faint shadow of the previous sketch underneath the stitching: I remove it with a putty rubber but it doesn’t all come off.

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