Hearts stitch journal, 08 May 2018

A beautiful day, with a pink and purple sunrise – due to be a little cooler today, which is no bad thing, and we are off for a bike ride in a moment. Today’s motif is a huge queen red-tailed bumblebee, bombyx lapidarius, as she flew in through our open bedroom window this morning. She may be the same one that is a bit obsessed with my cabin at present, coming in multiple times a day and flying under the daybed, which she thinks might prove a nice dark place for a nest(!). We have a lot of these in the garden, as I deliberately planted open flowers, which are easy for the bees to forage – big bumbles like fat flowers like dandelions, as they can walk around on them and not expend too much energy. Today’s threads are purple indian rayon, pink vintage French rayon floss, black vintage DMC six-strand cotton, red vintage Cartier-Bresson cotton and iridescent Kreinik thread, all sewn in two strands. The stitches are stem stitch for the heart and for the body and wing outline of the bee, chain stitch for the legs, fly stitch for the feet and wing infill, straight stitch for the antennae, speckling for the abdomen infill and triple-wrapped French knots for the eye

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