Hearts stitch journal, 09 May 2018

Cooler this morning, with pink and grey clouds in the sky. Sunny but I think we will need a fire tonight, and I am back in socks and a fleece gilet. The first rose to flower in the garden this year is Frülingsanfang, a tall and thorny shrub bred by German nursery Kordes. I highly recommend the Kordes roses if you have a difficult spot, as they are all as tough as old boots. We favour single and semi-double roses in the garden, as they are more insect-friendly. Today’s threads are pink coton à broder, white coton à broder space-dyed grey, cream six-strand cotton used in three strands, white no 40 sewing cotton, used in a single strand, and yellow coton à broder. The stitches are threaded detached chain for the outline, long-and-short outlined with stem stitch for the flower, pistil stitch for the stamens and French knots for the boss.

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