Hearts stitch journal, 12 May, 2018

Rain. Lots of it – we awoke to the sound of torrential rain on the roof and a lashing wind, but fortunately by the time we walked down the lane, it had stopped and I could only hear it, still falling from branches in the woodland. One of the delights of spring is the reappearance of alchemilla mollis in the garden. Its beautiful, toothy, slightly furry, heart-shaped leaves collect dewdrops and raindrops and give the feeling that all is well with the garden. Today’s threads are hand-dyed grey coton à broder no 1, two shades of green six-strand cotton, sewn in two strands, and silver DMC embroidery thread. The stitches are reverse chain for the outline, fishbone for the leaf and French knots for the raindrops.

I stopped part-way through and photographed the stitching as I was intrigued by the way that it was creating a negative maple-leaf shape. And that’s the second row of May completed.

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