Hearts stitch journal, 13 May 2018

Up early today, since we have visitors coming, and by the time I’d finished my bath, the fog had descended. It was only thin, though, and now the sun is shining. The marguerites are out in force now, nodding and bobbing their heads in the meadow – soon it will be time for hay-making. Today’s threads are pale gold metallic machine embroidery thread, fluffy iridescent white knitting yarn, green six-strand cotton, sewn with two strands, white cotton perlé no 8 and yellow embroidery cotton, sewn single strand. The stitches are triple whipped running stitch for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, fern stitch for the leaf, lazy daisy for the petals and French knots for the stamens. I think I will revisit marguerites in a few days, as on observation, the stamens are arranged in wonderful concentric patterns like a sunflower – an effect I was unable to capture at so small a scale.

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