Hearts stitch journal, 16 May 2018

Fog. Quite a pea-souper this morning and most of the landscape was hidden from view. I walked the dog down the lane, everything silent except for the steady dripping of the fog through the trees, sounding like rainfall. Even in the cold air I could smell the May blossom. This year’s floraison has been the best I’ve ever known from the hawthorn – huge branches of crunchy white blossom almost obscuring the leaves. These beautiful, bridal trees look every inch the exotic ornamental but they’re just native hedgers – in the lane, ours grows in a common site for this plant, on the edge of the woodland. The petals are beginning to fall now and the brown stamens indicate the flowers have been pollinated. In the pharmacopeia, hawthorn blossom and berries are still used as heart medicine and the blossom also serves as a relaxant. Today’s threads are white iridescent fluffy knitting yarn, green embroidery thread sewn in two strands, brown embroidery thread sewn in two strands, white soft cotton perlé no 8 and cream and white cotton perlé no 5. the stitches are double threaded detached chain for the heart, stem stitch for the twig, fern chain for the leaves, French knots for the blossoms and speckling here and there for the stamens.

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