Hearts stitch journal, 18 May 2018

Hearts stitch journal, 18 May 2018. A cold and sunny start, and I had a lie in after a poor night, so the sun was fully up in a blue sky by the time I walked around the garden, where our tender flowers are all being singed by the cold winds. When I began to plant this garden, some 15 years ago, I chose a lot of plants with variegated foliage, as I wanted to focus on foliage rather than flowers. Our site proved too exposed for most of them, but one plant that did thrive was weigela variegata with its lovely cream-edged lanceolate leaves and delicate pink blossoms. I love the weigelas, which are tough, trouble-free plants and bloom without fail every year. Today’s threads are blue coton à broder no 16, green, cream and variegated-pink six-strand cottons sewn in one and two strands, and pink coton à broder no 20. The stitches are knotted chain for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, fly stitch outlined with buttonhole for the leaf, fly stitch for the calyx, satin stitch for the petals and pistil stitch for the stamens. And that’s the third row of May completed.

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