Hearts stitch journal, 02 June 2018.

We woke to sunshine, which was welcome – I aim to do some gardening today. This morning, there were Beautiful Demoiselles making their dainty way around the garden with their weak and fluttering flight, so I thought I’d commemorate this lovely insect in stitch. I used to love seeing these down by my neighbour’s stream and was thrilled when we put a pond in and they became a regular visitor in the garden. Today’s threads are pale blue cotton perlé no 5, teal Indian rayon, black-and-blue-metallic Indian rayon, black vintage Terylene sewing thread no 40, copper-and-black Kreinik blending filament, sewn with four strands, and green coton à broder no 16. The stitches are stem stitch for the heart, fly stitch for the leaf, satin stitch for the head, thorax and abdomen, fly stitch outlined with Holbein stitch and filled in with straight stitch for the wing, detached chain and straight stitch for the legs, fly stitch for the feet and 4-wrap French knots for the eyes.

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