Hearts stitch journal, 03 June 2018

A lovely warm and sunny morning. The warmth and humidity have brought out the scents of the flowers and the orchard is quite heady with the fragrance of roses, elder, phlomis and philadelphus. I’ve chosen the latter for today’s heart: my variety is a French double whose name I can’t recall – it might be Manteau d’Hermine, which flowers later than varieties such as Belle Etoile. It’s fully double, with petals in sets of six, whorling around the flower, and big, slightly hairy leaves. I’ve shown it with 12 petals but it has about 36 in real life. Today’s threads are pale blue cotton perlé no 5, white coton à broder no 2, light green coton à broder no 16, cream floche no 16, green six-strand embroidery thread, using two strands, and yellow sewing cotton no 40. The stitches are single threaded running stitch for the heart, fly stitch with Holbein outline for the leaves and petals and pistil stitch for the stamens.

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