Hearts stitch journal, 05 June 2018

Fog. A real pea-souper today and it felt more like November as we walked around the orchard, me in a big winter parka and wellies. The garden still felt magical, though, in an Ugetsu Monogatari sort of way, with the mists threading in and out of the bamboo and the constant dripping of rain from the trees. There are carpets of rose petals everywhere from yesterday’s torrential rain but plenty more flowers to come. One rose looking beautiful at the moment is Goldfinch, as yellow as you can get in a multiflora hybrid and with a lovely sweet scent. Today’s threads are blue-white Indian rayon; iridescent woolly knitting yarn; yellow silk six-strand embroidery thread, sewn with all six strands; cotton six-strand embroidery thread in shades of yellow, variegated yellow, variegated orange and cream, sewn with six strands; yellow convent cotton no 25; and yellow coton à broder no 20. The stitches are double threaded running stitch but with both passes run from one side for the heart, spider’s wheel for the petals and French knots and pistil stitch for the stamens. I devised this way of doing the flower, working a hollow spider’s wheel like a Polo mint and chanced it, and I think it’s worked out quite well.

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