Hearts stitch journal, 06 June 2018

Another dull, dark day and the orchard is carpeted with rose petals brought down by the rain. Quite cold too – we may have another fire tonight. In front of our lower barn this hypericum is growing. I have no idea what variety it is, as it came gratis in a pot that contained a cornus horizontalis that is now turning into a small tree. I might never have bought this hypericum, but it’s very welcome and very pretty with its super-long stamens that dwarf the petals. It also gives fruit in autumn. Today’s threads are grey coton à broder no 16, green and yellow six-strand cotton embroidery threads, sewn with one and two strands, and darker yellow sewing cotton no 40. The stitches are threaded, knotted cable chain (I sort of made this up by double-wrapping cable chain to give it a bit more substance); stem stitch for the stems, detached chain with satin stitch for the calyxes and petals, satin stitch for the stigma and pistil stitch for the stamens.

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