Hearts stitch journal, 08 June 2018

Awoke early to a lovely peach and lemon dawn but then the fog rolled in and I took a golden, backlit, misty walk through an atmospheric garden today. Scrambling over a buddleia bush in the lower orchard is this rose, Rosa Multiflora. A species rose, it’s the parent of all the multiflora hybrid ramblers and is often found surviving in old gardens as a rootstock. In fact this is where I found it, in the garden of one of the many empty local houses, where it had clambered steadily over an old clapboard garage. I stole a cutting and some eight years later, this is the result, now some 9ft high and wide. It has a dainty, jasmine-like appearance, with tiny flowers only 1cm across, held in corymbs like a loose lilac, and with a sweet, powdery scent. It is very tough, however, and survives wind, shade and deer depredation with ease. Today’s threads are perlé cotton no 5 in peach and lemon, white perlé cotton no 8 and six-strand cotton embroidery threads in dark green, light green, variegated pink, and yellow. The stitches are double threaded running stitch for the outline, stem stitch for the stems, thorn stitch for the leaves, granitos stitch for the buds, detached chain for the calyxes, satin stitch for the petals, and pistil stitch and French knots for the stamens.

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