Hearts stitch journal, 20 May 2018

A crisp, clear spring morning – still need my fleece parka and padded hat to walk around the garden. The early roses are starting to pop now and my eye was caught by the delicate yellow blooms of Rosa Cantabrigiensis, the Cambridge Rose, nodding gently on their flexible stems. The whole shrub is dainty and the leaves are deeply cut, with nine leaflets. I planted many species roses in the garden some 15 years ago, but they are now starting to die off as the orchard turns to woodland – this one copes well in semi-shade, so should go on for a while longer. Today’s threads are variegated blue Anchor six-strand embroidery thread, sewn with three strands; two shades of green six-strand, sewn with one strand each; and two shades of yellow six-strand, sewn with three strands each. The stitches are double threaded running stitch for the outline, stem stitch for the stems and twig, fern stitch outlined with detached chain for the leaves, fly stitch, detached chain and straight stitch for the calyxes; granitos stitch for the bud; and split stitch with speckling for the petals.

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