Hearts stitch journal, 30 May 2018

A cool, grey morning and since I was in a dressing-gown, I walked down the lane rather than through the soaking orchard. The meadow grass is at its height now and the dog disappears into it, coming back wet through and covered with petals. After so much realistic work lately, I fancied a change of technique today, so here is an Elizabethan tapestry-style rendition of our neighbour’s meadow, with red clover, grasses, marguerites, buttercups and hawksbeard dotting the grass. The threads are cotton perlé no 5 in shades of variegated pale blue, pale grey and green; cream cotton floche no 16, coton à broder no 16 and 20 in white, and light and dark green; and six-strand embroidery cotton in cream, purple and two shades of yellow. The stitches are couched threaded coral stitch for the heart and trellis stitch for the infill, with cross-stitch, straight stitch and half eyelet as the couching threads. And that’s the panel for May completed – the 31st will be on a separate piece of fabric.

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