Hearts stitch journal, 31 May 2018.

Unbelievable amounts of rain this morning – pitch dark, like winter, except for the temperatures. I togged up in a full-length raincoat for our walk down the lane and fortunately the rain eased off a bit. Outside our kitchen window, the David Austin rose Graham Thomas is in full flower. A tough rose, it gives us a plethora of gorgeous egg-yolk yellow blooms for weeks in June, then again in September, despite my almost total neglect of it, and then the hips stay on all winter.  Today’s threads are cotton perlé no 5 in two shades of grey, and six-strand embroidery thread in yellow, deep variegated yellow and paler variegated yellow, sewn with all six strands. The stitches are double threaded running stitch for the outline and spider’s wheel for the rose. This worked up in about five minutes, which is why I’m posting about an hour earlier than normal. And that is May finished – the stitch journal has now been going for 151 days.

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