Hearts stitch journal, 01 July 2018

A beautiful sunrise this morning and it was just lovely for our walk around the garden, but the rain is coming in now. It’s very welcome. It was about 34 degrees yesterday, which is way too hot but today it’s due to be a more bearable 27. I have an obsession with green gardens and green flowers and today I thought I’d stitch the alchemilla mollis, which is now in full bloom, wending its lime-green way around the base of the tall grasses. Today’s threads are vintage rayons in shades of pink, peach, yellow and orange; six-strand embroidery thread in several shades of green; and lime green sewing cotton. The stitches are a double row of split stitch for the heart, couching for the stems, detached chain for the vestigial leaves and single, double and treble-wrapped French knots for the flowers. The fabric for July is pale pink lining from some old velvet curtains.

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