Hearts stitch journal, 03 July 2018

The sun is breaking through now, but it was a grey, misty start this morning thanks to the prodigious amounts of rainfall yesterday evening. The promised thunderstorms hit us about 6.00pm and although they didn’t seem worse than the heavy rains we’ve had most of this year, the DH was rather startled when walking the dog last night to find a new lake at the bottom of the road where no lake should be. The culvert under the road had blocked and the road and fields had flooded to a depth of about three feet, while our little stream had turned into a raging torrent. It drained rapidly, though, and was all gone this morning. I walked the dog down the sodden lane, all the grasses smashed to the ground, and I almost trod on a cabbage white butterfly, which fluttered weakly away from me. Today’s threads are grey coton à broder no 16; cream cotton perlé no 5; white cotton perlé no 8; cream, white and green sewing cottons; white rayon embroidery thread sewn in one strand and a deplyed strand; green retors d’alsace no 12; and six-strand embroidery cottons in grey, black and greens. The stitches are Mountmellick stitch for the heart, couching for the wing outline, satin stitch for the body, detached chain and straight stitch for the legs, straight stitch and pistil stitch for the feelers, fly stitch for the grass and wing veins and French knots for the wing spots.

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