Hearts stitch journal, 04 July 2018

A grey and thundery start, though the sun has broken through and it’s forecast to be a lovely day. The wild cherries are in full fruit now, so this weekend I will be purple-fingered, making preserves. When sweet cherries seed, the trees come up as wild cherry and we have at least 50 in the garden now. Each one bears slightly different fruit – some black, some translucent red – from which, I suppose, come all our varieties of sweet and sour and morello cherries. Wild cherries dispose themselves quite differently along the branch than sweet cherries and look like tiny clubs. Today’s threads are hand-dyed grey coton à broder no 1, burgundy silk perlé and six-strand embroidery cottons in brown, dark green, light green, burgundy and variegated brownish-red. The stitches are knotted Palestrina stitch for the heart, stem stitch for the branch, straight stitch for the stalks, closed thorn stitch for the leaves and five-wrap French knots for the fruit.

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