Hearts stitch journal, 12 June 2018

Torrential rain overnight and a light drizzle this morning as the dog and I squelched around the orchard. All the roses are hanging their heads from the weight of the water. One of the prettiest at present is Dentelle de Malines with its lovely pink flowers, the petals tinted yellow on the back. When I bought this rose it was classified as a 12ft shrub but it’s since been reclassified as a 20ft climber. With Kiftsgate as one parent, it’s only now, when it’s in flower, that I realise it’s climbed right over a big elder bush and into a 40ft pear tree. Who knows how big it will get eventually in our rich soil? By happenstance, this rose is planted near my pink and yellow weigela, Marjorie, which has exactly the same colourway. Today’s threads are grey cotton perlé no 5; six-strand cottons sewn with one, two and three threads, in shades of green, salmon pink and variegated pink/orange/lilac; and pink sewing cotton no 40. The stitches are single threaded running stitch for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, granitos stitch for the buds, detached chain for the calyxes and split stitch for the petals. And that’s the second row of June completed. 

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