Hearts stitch journal, 20 June 2018

Fog this morning, which fortunately has now burned off and it looks like it might be a nice sunny day. What better to stitch after yesterday’s butterfly than its food plant, brambles? We have great banks of these in the south-west corner of the garden in order to cut us off from the chasse, who tend to let their hunting dogs run all over our garden. In the shade, the blossoms are pinkish-purple rather than white, though the tastiest berries come from the plant that grows on the south wall of the lower barn, whose fruit are huge and jet black. Today’s threads are grey coton à broder no 16, six-strand embroidery thread in shades of pink, varigated pinkish-purple, dark green and variegated green, sewn in one and two strands; and sewing cottons in sage green, lemon and two shades of brown. The stitches are Palestrina stitch for the heart, thorn stitch for the stems and leaves, padded satin stitch for the buds, satin stitch for the petals, and French knots, straight stitch and pistil stitch for the stamens.

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