Hearts stitch journal, 21 June 2018

Overcast, cool and breezy this morning – we had to get up in the night and put the winter quilt back on as the temperatures have halved since yesterday. But the sun is breaking through now and we hope to have another good day. Because it was cold and it had rained overnight, I walked the dog up the lane rather than around the garden this morning. The later meadow flowers are starting to appear now, including this beautiful specimen – tufted vetch. As many will recognise, this is a member of the pea family and it uses its clinging tendrils to climb up the stalks of the meadow grasses. Nevertheless, it’s not an unwelcome plant for farmers, as the cows like it and it puts nitrogen back into the soil. Today’s threads are hand-dyed grey coton à broder no 1, green six-strand cotton sewn with one and two strands, purple six-strand cotton sewn with one strand and purple coton à broder no 16. The stitches are single threaded running stitch for the heart, stem stitch for the stems, back stitch with detached chain for the leaves and detached chain for the flowers.

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